A Season of Joy and Learning: One Magic Moment

As the holiday season sparkled in our vibrant city, where culinary delights blended seamlessly with the warmth of community, we are thrilled to share something truly special with you.

At the JEGantic restaurant group, known for Bord’Elle, Hang, The Farsides, Muzique and our latest gem, Yoko Luna, we are more than just culinary experts; we are dream weavers and community builders. And that year, we upped the ante with our annual “One Magic Moment” event at Yoko Luna!

It wasn’t just any event. It was a heartwarming collaboration with Twinkl, a beacon of joy and a champion of educational enrichment for children in underserved communities across Canada. We envisioned a place where imagination soared, laughter filled the air, and the festive spirit was as vibrant as the lights of our city.

We turned Yoko Luna into an enchanting wonderland, a playground of dreams for over 120 amazing kids. But here was the twist – it wasn’t just about fun. With Twinkl, we wove in an innovative layer of learning. Picture this: Christmas activity packs overflowing with puzzles, crafts, and activities, each designed to light up young minds with curiosity and joy. It was about seeing those bright eyes sparkle with the magic of discovery.

The whimsy didn’t stop there. As those little stars stepped off their party bus and walked into our gala of dreams, they found an activity station set up by Twinkl, buzzing with creativity and interactive learning. It was a testament to our shared belief in the transformative power of education, wrapped up in the joy of the season.

And when it was time to dine, Twinkl‘s personalized menu mats added an interactive flair to the meal at Yoko Luna. It was a thoughtful, creative touch that let those kids infuse their unique spark into every part of that magical day.

“One Magic Moment” is more than just an event; it’s a symbol of our commitment to nurturing young minds, giving back to our community, and celebrating the unity that made the festive season so special. We were humbled and grateful to have partners like Twinkl and many more, who shared our vision and helped bring it to life.

Let’s make “One Magic Moment” a milestone of joy and happiness for all the upcoming years!